In-Depth & Game Theory

Theoreticals behind BitcoinHEX

What cryptocurrency could really excell at, is acting as a Store of value. So far Bitcoin has offered a great opportunity for that, depending on when people bought in. It can be argued that crypto can act as a valid hedge against fiat currency. But there are many issues with crypto fulfilling that role, Bitcoin actually has real problems in that regard. There are lot’s of BTC adresses in existence that could single handeldy crash the market. Crash it by a magnitude that will make the recent decline look pale in comparison. There a people that are still way above of 10.000% profit that could dump their holding anytime. There are whales involved that the majority of the community deems harmful, which already threatened to dump their stake to further their agenda. Another issue is that Bitcoin pays a huge price for the security of its network. Miners inflate the pool of available coins daily, yet no major coin ever was threatenend by a 51% attack. Miners are likely to sell all mined coins slightly over their breakeven point, at the expense of all the people that actually provide value to Bitcoin, it´s holders.

BitcoinHEX (BHX) is different.
You are not paying miners, since HEX utilizes the Ethereum blockchain that runs on PoS instead of PoW consensus model. For that reason it is unneccesary for holders to pay protection money to fend of hypothetical attacks. BitcoinHEX is offering a unique interest model, that rewards holders for the longer they lock up their HEX. This process is proned to increase the value of HEX. It favors those that commit the longest to staking their HEX, to the benefit of every holder there is. Instead of inflating the total supply daily, HEX rewards deflating the circulating supply. The paid interest increases the longer tokens are locked up, which should increase demand and drive the price up. HEX rewards those who are most beneficiary to a cryptocurrencies price, it's holders.

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