Token Basics

See how it works

This page serves as an overview of the token economics, so you can see right away how holding BHX can benefit yourself.

Speed Bonus

Claiming early pays - with a bonus of 10% per week, dropping by 0.2% every week


Gain interest on your staked BHX - APR is determined based on how much of the total supply is staked

We're all Satoshi

Ever wanted to hold Satoshis coins? Now you can - his coins are distributed within the first 50 weeks

Silly Whale Protection

We don't like freeloaders - 50-75% penalties apply for ridiculous wallets (1k-10k+ btc) when claiming

Longer Pays Better

The longer you stake, the more you make. 0.55% per 10 days (= 20% a year)

Referral Program

Earn 5% on anyone that claims using your link




You can accumulate interest by staking your BHX tokens, meaning you commit them to a smart contract and won't be able to freely move them around for a set period. In return, you receive interest. If 1% of all BHX tokens are staked, your APR is 369%. If 10% of BHX tokens are staked, the APR is 36.9%. The more BHX are staked, the lower the interest rate becomes, but at the same time the circulating supply also shrinks.

The interest pool is compounded every period, maximizing your gains.

Longer Pays Better

On top of the interest, a loyalty bonus is paid for longer stakes, 0.55% per 10 days, so 20% per year. So if you commit for long term, your gains are even bigger. For example, if you commit to a 5 year stake, you get double the shares that only one period would get.

Emergency Unlock

Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to unlock your staked tokens, you can do so but it's heavily disincentivized. If you end your stake before the end of the commited commited, 50% of your earned interest is paid to the pool and distributed among the pool of stakers.

Speed Bonus

The speed bonus starts at 10% in the first week and is reduced by 0.2% every week. It is applied when you claim your BHX tokens, so you get the highest bonus if you act quickly and claim within the first week. Exact details about the earliest possible date are yet to be announced.

We're all Satoshi

Every wanted to hold Satoshis coins? Now you can: 2% of unclaimed coins, including those of Satoshi and a few other large parties, are distributed each week among stakers until 100% has been distributed (after 50 weeks).

Critical Mass Bonus

The critical mass bonus increases stakers pay for the first 50 weeks by 10% x claimed coins / maximum claimable coins.

Virality Bonus

The virality bonus increases stakers pay for the first 50 weeks by 10% x claim events / maximum claim events.

Whale Penalty

We don't like freeloaders - wallets that claim BHX and contain 1k-10k+ BTC are hit with a hefty penalty in received BHX of up to 50-75%.


Mt. Gox and a few other large parties are outright not allowed to claim - if they try, the smart contract will prevent it.

Referral Program

You can get a referral link and earn 5% of claims made using your link.

Claim your FREE BHX now - all you need to is hold Bitcoin!