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What's bitcoinhex all about?

Bitcoinhex is a Bitcoin fork on the ETH blockchain, which comes with a handful of benefits:
Fairest Possible Launch

Instead of heavily rewarding the first miners, bitcoinhex is giving interest to everyone staking BHX - and even has a built-in whale protection. Read more

Designed for the best Blockchain Use Case: Store of Value

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have so far only proven to be good at one thing: Being a store of value. The problem is that the existing ones are still doing a horrible job at it. Read more

Know-A-Whale Referral Program

It pays to be involved in the cryptocurreny space with BitcoinHEX (BHX)! Send your referral link to other BTC holders to get 5% of their BHX claim. Read More


In a Nutshell

Which problems does bitcoinhex actually solve?


BHX runs on the Ethereum blockchain, the most secure and tested crypto layer to date.


A trustless 3.69% interest pool is being paid to stakers instead of miners.

Whales Excluded

We don't want whales - large wallets are heavily penalized (1k-10k+ BTC, up to 75% penalty). Mt. Gox trustee addresses can't claim.

First-Mover Advantage

By the time you usually hear about a coin, it's already up 10x-1000x from from it's original price. It's easier to 100x from $10 compared to 6000$.

Claim your FREE BHX now - all you need to is hold Bitcoin!