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The snapshot is scheduled for Q1 2019, it's currently estimated to happen in about 5 weeks.

No, claiming is possible without giving up any personal information.

Claiming is open for 50 weeks from the contract start date, but keep in mind there's a speed bonus of up to 20% in the first week, which drops to 0% over the 50 week claim phase, so it pays to claim early.

The base rate is 10,000 BHX per BTC + the speed bonus of up to 20%. More bonuses are available when you stake, so we developed a calculator to give you an estimate including your staking bonuses, you can find it here.

No, the BTC must be in a wallet of which you posess the private keys at the time of the snapshot. Exchanges can theoretically claim BHX, but many of their addresses start with a 3 (so they cannot claim), or they are hit by the silly whale penalty.


Please find the instructions here.

You will be able to stake your BHX using the BitcoinHEX UI tool, which is yet to be released. As soon as there are more details on the process, we'll update this description.

Unlike all the other BTC forks, or any other cryptocurrency forks for that matter, BitcoinHEX (BHX) is actually not a fork of Bitcoin (BTC). The name was chosen to adress the people it concerns, holders of Bitcoin (BTC). Adding "Bitcoin" to the name implies that the issuance method used by BitcoinHEX is tied to Bitcoin (BTC) holdings of those who claim. The "Bitcoin" addition to "BitcoinHEX" will most likely be removed after the claiming stage, since it has no other ties to Bitcoin (BTC)

Yes, we developed a calculator to give you an estimate, you can find it here.

Any questions left unanswered? Please reach out to us so we can assist: Contact Us.

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